Macedonia (The former Yugoslav Republic of)

11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit
Aleksandar Makedonski 2/42
7500 Prilep

11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit

The company was established in 1952 as a factory for mica exploitation as well as production of electro-insulating materials (following the industrial development of the country, a need had appeared to expand the scope of production of the company including the reconstruction of its production facilities as well as organizational changes).
Since July 3rd., 1991 the company has been transformed into holding company Euroinvest - 11 Oktomvri with 1800 employees. One of them was 11 Oktomvri-Eurokompozit later transformed into joint-stock company with 100% state ownership.



Today, 11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit is under the management of the Board of Directors, with total number of 308 employees.
11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit has business contacts with a lot of companies in West European countries.



Production program is divided into two main branches:

1. Military and law enforcement equipment:
Ballistic protection equipment intended for personal ballistic protection, such as: ballistic helmet, ballistic vest, ballistic plate, ballistic shield and other similar equipment.
Military equipment such as: hand-held rocket launchers made of lightweight advanced composite materials with an excellent penetration possibility and low mass. This type of equipment is available in various calibers such as: 64mm, 90mm and 120mm.


2. Civil trade oriented products: Wound composites products - tubes and cylinder, which the are used as electro insulation material in Tap Changers and High voltage Transformers, Molding compounds, Composite dry sliding bearings, Products for Railway, Multipurpose safety helmets etc.
In 1996 the company was ISO 9001 certified by the Austrian company OQS.

Manufacturer of Armaments
Defense Products & Services Sectors: Ammunition, mortar, ground-based, 120 mm
Companies & Organizations: 11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit
Description: 120mm HE M62P4 Mortar Shell

120mm HE M62P4 Mortar Shell

120mm Illuminating M87 Mortar Shell

120mm M88 High Smoke Mortar Shell

120mm Smoke M64 P1 Mortar Shell

60mm HE M73 Mortar Shell

60mm Illuminating M67 Mortar Shell

60mm Practice M62 Smoke Mortar Shell

60mm Smoke M73 Mortar Shell

81/82mm M62 Practice Mortar Shell

81/82mm M67 Illuminating target Mortar Shell

81/82mm M68 Parachute Mortar Shell

81mm M72, 82mm M74 HE Mortar Shell

81mm M72, 82mm M74 Mortar Shell

ACH / MICH Ballistic Helmet

Ballistic plates for military vehicles protection

Ballistic Vest BE-02 – Military

Ballistic Vest BE-02 – Police

Ballistic Vest BE-02, Overgarment

Ballistic Vest BE-02, Quick-Release

Ballistic Vest BE-02, Short V1 Overgarment

Ballistic vest BE-02, Short V2, Overgarment

Ballistic Vest BE-04, Undergarment

Ballistic Vest BE-04, VIP Undergarment

Ballistic Vest De-Mining

Ballistic visor - Level IIIA

De-mining Visor, DMV-01

De-mining, Antiriot Protective Visor

Face shields-Polycarbonate Visor

Magazine for Automatic Rifle 7.62 (Kalashnikov)

PASGT Ballistic Helmet

Rocket launcher RBR 120mm M90

Rocket launcher RBR 64mm M80 - ZOLJA

Rocket launcher RBR 90mm M79 - OSA

Self De-mining Protective Visor