4 Stable Stick sarl
62 Allée des Peupliers
33000 Bordeaux

4 Stable Stick sarl

4 Stable Stick® comes from a marriage of passion for shooting and the taste of perfection.

Several years of research and development by a team of seasoned hunters helped develop shooting canes providing long range accurate shooting.


4 Stable Stick® has created a range of firing rods for stalkingand beaten that offers:

  • lightness and extreme strength due to the materials used.
  • a significant reduction of movement before firing.
  • perfect stability of the weapon when firing.


All these factors improve and facilitate the action of shooting and improve your performance.

Now 4 Stable Stick® is an integral part of the landscape of the hunt. shooting canes demonstrated any efficacy and propelled in no time 4 Stable Stick® the top of the most creative fighter brands and most innovative of the moment.

Praised and encouraged in his innovative work in the world of shooting, 4 Stable Stick® has only one objective, to remain the benchmark for shooting sticks.

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Bush Light Stick

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