Dunarit Corp
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Dunarit Corp

Dunarit was established in 1903 as a factory for powders. Nationalized in 1947 it was given the name State Factory Dunarit. From 2005 the company operates as a private corporation.


During the years Dunarit has developed and strengthened its positions as a manufacturer of detonating cords, antitank and antipersonnel mines, artillery and aerial ammunitions. In parallel with improving on the military products, the company started the development of products for civil use: dentist laboratory equipment, railroad maintenance and repair machines, LPG motor systems, plastic parts and tooling equipment.


Today Dunarit Corp. is recognized by the international market as a company of traditions and valuable experience in the design and manufacture of military and engineering products.


Dunarit has developed its quality management traditions into Integrated Quality Management System assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and NATO allied publication AQAP 2110 , ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 180014.


The advanced CAD-CAM systems and the invaluable traditions and experience in designing employed in the innovation departments by our specialists provide for rapid implementation of new products and improving and modernizing the existing technological processes.


Dunarit Corp. has its own factory laboratory for radiographic, chemical, spectral, metallographic, physicochemical and mechanical analyzes and metrology. Here we carry out receiving inspections of materials and acceptance testing of the finished products.

Companies & Organizations: Dunarit Corp
Countries: Bulgaria
Description: 100 MM Round with HE/FRAG projectile used with 100 MM FIELD GUN model 1944, tank gun D10T, vehicle-mounted gun D10T2S

100 MM Round with HE/FRAG projectile used with 100 MM FIELD GUN model 1944, tank gun D10T, vehicle-mounted gun D10T2S

120mm Round with HE Mortar Bomb of Ferro Steel OF843B used with 120mm Mortar

120mm SMK Round D-843B

122mm Round with HE shell for Howitzer D-30 and Self-propelled Howitzer 2S1

57mm Round with a Frag-Tracer Projectile for Automatic Gun S60

60mm HE Mortar Round

81mm Mortar Round with a HE Frag Projectile and a Long-Range Charge DU

82mm Mortar Round with a Fragmentation Projectile for 82mm Mortar

82mm Mortar SMK Round D-832 DU

Anti-tank mine TM-62M

BETAB 500 concrete-piercing bomb

FAB 500 M-62 High Explosive Bomb

Fuze AMV AE2

Linear Demolition Charge UZ-2

Linear Demolition Cord Charge USHZ

OFAB 100-120 High Explosive Fragmentation Bomb

OFAB 100-120 TB aircraft bomb with thermobaric charge

OFAB 100-120PF pre-fragmented bomb

OFAB 250-270 High Explosive Fragmentation Bomb

OFAB 500 M-62 PF prefragmented high explosive bomb

OG-7 Round for Shoulder Anti-Tank Grenade Launcher

P-50-75D Practice Bomb

P-50-75N Practice Bomb

P-50SHD Practice Bomb

Plastic Explosives

Plastic Explosives in Elastic Sheet Form

RGD-5 Offensive Hand Grenade

ROG-78 Defensive Hand Grenade

Shaped Charges

Shaped-Charge for Trench Forming OZM

Smoke Generator

Smoke Grenade “Barrier”