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Fluorocarbon Company Limited
Caxton Hill
Hertford SG13 7NH

Fluorocarbon Company Limited


Founded in 1962, Fluorocarbon specialises in the design and manufacture of complex machined components, Seals, Slide Bearings, Skidway Systems and High Performance Coatings.


Fluorocarbon is one of the UK’s largest fluoropolymer processors, operating from 5 manufacturing sites: 4 in the UK and 1 in Europe, sales offices in Europe and the USA and partners globally, the company aims to offer its customers high quaility, cost effective solutions, from material selection and product design to manufacturing and distribution.


With a quality system certified to ISO 9001:2000 and a group research and development team striving to develop new materials and products Fluorocarbon has the in-house capability to offer bespoke products tailored to meet the individual requirements of its customers.


Company's range of products includes:

  • High Performance Surface Coatings
  • Hoses
  • Industrial Bakeware
  • Machined Components
  • Moulded Components
  • PU & Rubber Finished Products
  • Engineering Plastics & Stock Shapes(rod, tube, sheet and tape)
  • Seals
  • Slide bearings & Skidways
  • Valve Seats
Manufacturer of Armaments