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Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd
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Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd

Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd is the world's premier helmet manufacturer. Company's helmet systems, combined with face shields, visors, respiratory and communications equipment are in use throughout the world offering protection to personnel in a wide range of occupations from pilots of military and civil aircraft to industrial workers in a range of applications requiring head, eye, face and respiratory protection.


Company's helmets also protect police, fire fighters and other emergency service personnel all over the world. 


Company's range of helmets includes the world famous ALPHA aircrew helmets, used by military and civil pilots of fast jets, fixed wing planes and helicopters. Its Pureflo Respirators are also in extensive use worldwide, in industrial applications where powered air purifying respirators or supplied air respirators are required.


Company's world famous Cromwell fire fighter helmets and Argus police helmets are in numerous countries by government, military, civil and commercial fire fighters, police & security organisations.

Manufacturer of Armaments
Defense Products & Services Sectors: Helmets, fire protection
Companies & Organizations: Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd
Description: Cromwell ER1 Fire RTA & Wildland Fire Helmet

Cromwell ER1 Fire RTA & Wildland Fire Helmet

ALPHA 200 Series Helicopter & Flight Helmet

ALPHA 300 Series Fighter Jet Pilot Helmet

ALPHA 400 Series Helicopter Helmet for Passengers

ALPHA 800 Series Helicopter Search & Rescue Helmet

ALPHA 900 Series Military Pilot Flying Helmet

ALPHA active noise reduction (ANR)

ALPHA Eagle Pilot Helmet for Helicopter & Aircraft

Argus APH05 Anti-Riot Police Helmet

Argus ER1(3) Police CBRN Helmet

Argus PAS 017 Police Helmet

Cromwell Echo Submarine Fire Helmet with Comms

Cromwell ER1 Rescue USAR & Paramedic Helmet

Cromwell F600 Fire Fighter Helmet

Cromwell F900 Fire Helmet