Leninskaya Kuznya Plant
26, Electrikov str.
Kiev, 04176

Leninskaya Kuznya Plant

Leninskaya Kuznya Plant designs and builds a range of vessels.


Company product range includes:

  • speed patrol boats with a displacement of 10 - 120 m
  • small patrol boats with a displacement of 400 - 500 m for the protection of closed seas and distant coastal
  • patrol vessel of the high seas with a displacement of 1600 - 1800 m
  • fishing vessels up to 4000 kW
  • harbor tugs and tugs, rescue workers, garbage trucks and fire trial
  • universal dry cargo vessels and container ships carrying up to 4500 m
  • tankers, chemical tankers with deadweight up to 5000 m
  • court of technical fleet: dredges, dredgers gruntootvoznye scows
  • propelled Barges
  • floating docks capacity 2500 - 3000 m
  • hulls for different purposes
Manufacturer of Armaments