Mecar SA
Rue Grinfaux 50
7181 Petit-Roeulx-lez-Nivelles

Mecar SA

Mecar has been based in Belgium since 1938, and has built a world-wide reputation for weapon systems and for a comprehensive range of ammunition.


This range comprises :

  • Direct Fire ammunition for LAVs, Tanks and Infantry, from 25mm to 120mm,
  • Mortar and Artillery ammunition,
  • Rifle and Hand Grenades.



Mecar has recently established a pyrotechnics division with its own dedicated production facility. Mecar is now able to offer tracers, hand grenade fuzes, pyrotechnic delays, illuminating and signal devices, as well as igniters.



Mecar is a supplier to the Belgian Army, to NATO and to numerous other countries around the world.
Mecar is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEXTER Systems S.A., a French Defense Systems Company following the acquisition in May 2014.

Manufacturer of Armaments
Defense Products & Services: 100mm TK APFSDS-T M1000A1
Defense Products & Services Sectors: Ammunition, fighting vehicle, 100 mm
Companies & Organizations: Mecar SA
Countries: Belgium
Description: 100mm TK APFSDS-T M1000A1
Source of Information: Mecar SA

100mm TK APFSDS-T M1000A1

105mm TK APFSDS-T M1060A2

105mm TK APFSDS-T M1060A3

105mm TK Canister M1204

105mm TK HE M1010

105mm TK HEAT-MP-T M1061A1

105mm TK HEAT-TP-T M490A1

105mm TK HESH-T M393A3-E

105mm TK HESH-TP-T M467A1-E

105mm TK SMK (WP)-T M416A1

105mm TK TPCSDS-T M1057

105mm TK TPFSDS-T M1056

106mm RCL HEAT-T M1070

106mm RCL HEAT-TP-T M1071

106mm RCL HESH-T M1072

106mm RCL HESH-TP-T M1073

115mm TK APFSDS-T M1150

120mm Mortar HE M530A1

120mm Mortar HE M530A2

120mm Mortar HE PRAC M528A1

120mm Mortar HE PRAC M528A2

120mm Mortar ILL M533A1

120mm Mortar ILL M533A2

120mm Mortar SMK(WP) M532A1

120mm Mortar SMK(WP) M532A2-WP

25mm x 137 APFSDS-T M935A2

25mm x 137 TP-T (Mecar) M936

25mm x 137 TPFSDS-T M937

30mm APFSDS-T M928

30mm APFSDS-T M929



40mm EOD Charge M1157

40mm RFL GREN CS M294A1

40mm RFL GREN PFL M259A1

40mm RFL GREN SMK(RP) M256

60mm Mortar HE LR M710

60mm Mortar ILL M712

60mm Mortar SMK(WP) M711

76mm Blank M335

76mm Canister M333

76mm HE-T M330

76mm HESH-T M329

76mm HESH-TP-T M331

76mm SMK (WP)-T M337

80mm EOD Charge M1158

81mm Mortar HE LR

81mm Mortar HE-TP LR M572A1

81mm Mortar ILL LR M515A1

81mm Mortar SMK (WP) M513A1

84mm Canister M587

84mm HE M540

84mm HEAT M543

84mm HEAT-TP M552

84mm ILL M542

84mm SMK (TTC) M541

84mm Sub-Calibre Training Device M525

90mm F1 HE-T M631

90mm F1 HE-T M631A1

90mm F1 HEAT-T M630

90mm F1 HEAT-TP-T M653

90mm F1 SMK (WP)-T M632A1

90mm F1 TPFSDS-T M664

90mm F3/F4 HEAT-T M679

90mm F3/F4 HEAT-TP-T M699

90mm F3/F4 HET-T M678

90mm F3/F4 SMK(WP)-T M667

90mm F4 APFSDS-T M669A1

90mm F4 TPFSDS-T M698

90mm MK3 APDSDS-T M652A1

90mm MK3 HE-T M616

90mm MK3 HE-T M616A1

90mm MK3 HE-TP-T M637A1

90mm MK3 HEAT-T M620A1

90mm MK3 HEAT-TP-T M623A2

90mm MK3 HESH-T M625A1

90mm MK3 HESH-TP-T M655

90mm MK3 SMK(WP)-T M618A1

90mm MK3 TPFSDS-T M663A1

90mm MK8 APFSDS-T M690A1

90mm MK8 HESH-T M691A2

90mm MK8 HESH-TP-T M692A2

90mm MK8 SMK(WP)-T M693A2

90mm MK8 TPFSDS-T M697A1

Hand Grenade FRAG M72

Hand Grenade NR8A2

Hand Grenade PRAC NR8A2

Sub-Calibre Adapter M1076

TD 20-90 M640 SERIES