Pakistan Aeronautical Complex
District Attock 43570

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex


Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) is an organization which comrises of four co-located factories which virtually take care of maintenance of all operational assets of Pakistan Air Force for the purpose of effective control and efficient working.


The complex houses multi faceted engineering capabilities which enable it to undertake Aircraft structure overhaul, Aircraft component overhaul, Aircraft engine overhaul, Radar & avionics maintenance and overehaul.


PAC offers type specific and general engineering services to the Defence Forces of Pakistan and to customers. Type Specific Services include aircraft, engines, air borne & ground based radars and their associated components MRO. General Engineering Services include calibrations, heat & surface treatments, Non destrutive inspections, high and low end parts manufaturing, composite & rubber parts manufacturing, PCB stuffing, environmental testing, PCB designing etc.


Commercial products of PAC include Mushshak and Super Mushshak as its core product. JF-17 would add up to PAC core products in the coming future after meeting Pakistan Air Force requirements. A wide range of Avionics equipment, high end & low end aerospace products for military and commercıal use exist and is constantly building up to support company's valued customers.

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