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Sekai Electronics Inc


Since 1982, SEKAI is a recognized pioneer in the application of airborne video cameras and video recorders, and has provided video products and systems for new and "retrofit" programs on military and commercial aircraft, RPVs and helicopters. Company's products are currently flying on the Space Shuttle, Boeing 777, HH-60 Blackhawk, B-2, F-18 and other aircraft. Because its application knowledge and experience covers the entire spectrum of military and commercial aerospace, SEKAI is up-to-date on new and pending aerospace programs, unique technical requirements, and special applications.


Not only does Company's expertise cover harsh military and space environments; it includes tough factory to floor operations, robotics, chemical processing, surveillance, and sports - any application that includes temperature extremes, acceleration, vibration and shock. SEKAI's systems have survived the severe environments of supersonic flight test platforms, simulators, the racetrack, winter sports, undersea exploration, and high explosive atmospheres.


SEKAI has been in the military video market since its inception, and the Company is able to furnish you with systems integration services covering the full range of airborne and industrial video systems.


SEKAI can guarantee logistic support for any product or system it offers for the full program on which it is used. Its capabilities include a complete inventory of spares, provisioning documentation, and field services. Sekai complies with US Government regulations regarding "Conflict Minerals", as required in Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, passed by Congress in 2010.


SEKAI's proven experience in custom modification and special "value added" engineering services can be of benefit in the preparation of proposals and other documents interpret military specifications and standards. The Company can also assist in design and testing, and join in the development and /or application of products and systems to meet aerospace and industrial requirements.


Applications of Sekai products include:

Military: high-performance jet aircraft including fighters and attack aircraft, transport aircraft, tankers, patrol aircraft, helicopters, UAV, rockets, spacecraft, satellites, missile and rocket launching stations, weapon stations, pods, flight tests, mine sweepers, tanks and other fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, USV, UGV, scout vehicles, submarines, frigates, aircraft carriers, etc.


Commercial: high elevation/altitude, mines, hot springs, vacuum, strong UV or IR environment, robots, earth-moving equipment, test chambers, big noise environment, high temperature/low temperature environment, research aircraft, broadcasting, ENG helicopters, movie location shooting, locomotives, roller coasters, etc.



“Sekai is AS-9100D and ISO-9001:2015 Certified”

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