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In over a hundred years of continued operation, Simmel Difesa acquired comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the ammunition business, combining the experience of famous European players into a modern and agile company. Today, Simmel Difesa supplies medium and large calibre ammunition to more than 40 countries worldwide.




Over the time, the company developed its know-how in all ammunition components, from propellants and explosives to metal parts and fuses. Thanks to its experience, Simmel Difesa is able to optimize the components’ integration in order to conceive first-class products.




Simmel Difesa gained a reputation as a leader in naval ammunition, and is now – after decades of successful cooperation – the preferred supplier for Oto-Melara guns. Its in-house capability to design and manufacture advanced proximity fuses led Simmel Difesa to become a world leader on the air defense ammunition market.




Equipped with a powerful and flexible manufacturing infrastructure, and benefitting from the dedication of its highly skilled workforce and a dependable supply chain, Simmel Difesa is able to quickly respond to its customers’ requirements with reliable and high-performance products. 

Manufacturer of Armaments
Defense Products & Services: 105mm L14 HE M1
Companies & Organizations: SIMMEL DIFESA SPA
Countries: Italy
Description: 105mm L14 HE M1
Source of Information: SIMMEL DIFESA SPA

105mm L14 HE M1

105mm L51 HEAT-T

105mm L51 HEP-T (HESH-T)

105mm L51 TP-T

120mm HE-PD Mortar Bomb IM238

120mm TP Mortar Bomb SIL344

127mm L54 FNF

127mm L54 HE

127mm L54 PFFC

127mm L54 TP

127mm Propelling Charge Full Charge

127mm Propelling Charge Reduced and Clearing

155mm HE L15A1

155mm HE M107

155mm Modular Charge Systems

3AP Mod 2 Microwave fuze

40mm L70 AP-T

40mm L70 HE-PD

40mm L70 HE-PFF

40mm L70 HE-T and HEI-T

40mm L70 TP and TP-T

40x46 LV HE-DP-SD IM


40x46 mm LV EB-SD IM

40x46mm LV TP

40x46mm LV TPM

76mm L62 Clearing Charge

76mm L62 FNF

76mm L62 HE-PD

76mm L62 HE-PF-IM6-OES

76mm L62 HE-PFF IM84

76mm L62 HE-PROX

76mm L62 TP and TP-T

81mm HE Mortar Bomb

81mm ILL Mortar Bomb


FB 518A mechanical fuze

FB 518B mechanical fuze

FB 650 mechanical time fuze

FB 652 dual-safety mechanical time fuze

FB340 mechanical fuze

FB375 155mm electronic fuze

FB40 proximity fuze

Fuze FB557

Fuze PD M739A1

SIL M5 fuze

VTPA FB76 proximity fuze

VTPA FBO127 proximity fuze