South Africa

Zebra Sun (Pty) Ltd
P.O. Box 675
Gillitts, 3603

Zebra Sun (Pty) Ltd

Zebra Sun (Pty) Ltd was formed in the year 2001 in Durban, South Africa. We have manufactured exclusively for leading body armour companies in Europe and the United States and exported over 350,000 helmets and a complete range of body armour products around the world. Zebra Armour  acquired all assets of Global Armour SA (Pty) Ltd.


The directors of the company have over 20 years of experience in the body armour business.


Our strength lies in the engineering and development of efficient production processes resulting in highest quality products at very competitive prices.


Due to our investment into high-Tec plant and the expertise of our research team, our weight /performance ratios beat other manufacturers. Quality control and reproducibility are the strength of our company with no performance failures and comebacks in the history of our company. We confidently guarantee the user that our products consistently meet and exceed the standards against which they are designed.


To emphasize our interest in producing the best product we recently built a shooting range that can perform tests to NIJ standards. Our company covers a whole range of products for human life protection from body armour, plates, bomb and de-mining suits to helmets, visors and shields. Our products offer the latest materials and designs for comfort and ease of movement. Having exported to over 60 countries in the world we have experience in designs required in a variety of circumstances and climates.


We are currently building a network of agents and partners around the globe.



Defense Products & Services Sectors: Helmets, harnesses
Companies & Organizations: Zebra Sun (Pty) Ltd
Countries: South Africa
Description: 4-point Net Mesh Harness

4-point Net Mesh Harness

4-point Standard Harness

5-point Net Mesh MKIV Harness

5-point Standard MKIV Harness

5-point Zebra Harness with Full Leather Comfort

7-pads with 4-point Foam Suspension Harness

ACH Helmet

Advanced Ballistic Visor

Advanced Fragmentation Visor


ALPHA11 Military Vest

ALPHA11 Police Vest

ALPHA21 Police Vest

ALPHA51 Vest

Ambidextrous Handle for Shields

Amour Light Plate

Ballistic Visor

Ballistic Visor Short

Boltfree Helmet

Bomb Blanket Bag

Bomb Suit Bags

BRAVO12 Police Vest

BRAVO15 Police Vest

BRAVO17 Police Vest

BRAVO2 Police Vest

BRAVO2 Police Vest with Groin Protection

BRAVO2 Tactical Military Vest

BRAVO2 Tactical Military Vest with Groin Protection

BRAVO21 Police Vest

BRAVO3 Military Vest for Special Forces

BRAVO3 Police Vest

BRAVO3-70 Police Vest

BRAVO3-80 Military Vest with Groin Protection

BRAVO4 High Coverage Police Vest

BRAVO6 Police Vest

BRAVO7 Police Vest

CHARLIE5 Military Vest with Groin Protection

CHARLIE5 Police Vest

CHARLIE5 with Groin Protection Police Vest

Combat Dive Vest

Combat Helmet

Combat MKII Helmet

Defender Helmet

ECHO1 Vest

ECHO2 Vest

ECHO3 Vest


Fragmentation Visor

Fragmentation Visor Long

Helmet Armour Plates

Helmet Bags

Helmet Covers

Large Shield


Medium Shield

Multicurve Amour Plate 300x250

Multicurve Crop Amour Plate 300x250

Neck Protector for Helmet

PASGT Helmet

Replacement Harness for PASGT Helmet

Riot Visor

Rucksack 70 Litres

Shield Bags

Small Shield

SONIC1 Helmet

SONIC2 Helmet

SONIC3 Helmet

Vest Bag