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GE’s Marine Gas Turbine Naval Experience Showcased at Euronaval


PARIS, FRANCE --- GE’s Marine Solutions is the world’s leading manufacturer of aeroderivative marine gas turbines ranging from 4.5 to 52.7 megawatts (MW). GE gas turbines are excellent prime movers for mechanical drive, hybrid or all electric propulsion systems. GE is a long-standing equipment supplier to the United States Navy, and naval and commercial marine customers in Europe. 

Currently there are more than 1,450 GE gas turbines logging over 16 million hours, serving 35 navies globally. GE engines power some of the world’s most sophisticated surface combatants and can be found on 600 naval ships for 100 military ship programs, the company reported today at the Euronaval 2018 industry exhibition. 

Key differentiators that make GE gas turbine systems the preferred engine choice include best in-class power density, lightweight composite gas turbine enclosure and electric starter - all backed by complete maintenance design and global support. Further, GE is the only company that offers gas turbine and electric drive propulsion systems for ships to meet power and propulsion needs. 

GE’s gas turbine portfolio (ISO standard conditions) 

--The LM500 is used on 100% of the world’s military gas turbine-powered patrol boats. This versatile engine provides 4.6 MW. Currently, 160 marine LM500 gas turbine have been delivered or are on order. 

--The LM2500 is GE’s most popular gas turbine with over 1,200 engines in marine service worldwide. Rated at 25.1 MW, the LM2500 boasts an outstanding 99.6% availability. 

--The LM2500+ gas turbine provides commercial and military marine users with 30.2 MW, and a simple cycle thermal efficiency of 39%. 

--The LM2500+G4 produces 35.3 MW; 27 naval gas turbines have been delivered or are on order. 

--The LM6000 is GE’s most powerful aeroderivative gas turbine and is available in two power sizes: 46.1 and 52.7 MW. The LM6000PG marine module is certified by Lloyd’s Register and RINA Services following thorough certification testing. The PG marine package is based on highly successful GE designs used in offshore applications for more than 20 years. The engine is nearly identical to the industrial variant which has ~1,300 units in operation logging more than 33 million operating hours while achieving 99.7% reliability. 

GE international naval experience 

GE presently provides 97% of the U.S. Navy’s propulsion gas turbines and is a market leader in the international community. Following are a few notable international applications of GE gas turbines. 

The LM2500+G4 gas turbine powers the 20 FREMM frigates for the French, Italian, Moroccan and Egyptian navies; the first ship was commissioned in 2012. The LM2500+G4 also will power the seven new Italian Navy Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura (PPA) multipurpose offshore patrol ships; GE is responsible for the electrical system integration of the hybrid system. 

The LM2500 also is used by the German Navy on the Baden-Wurttemberg F125-class frigates, Turkey’s MILGEM corvette, India’s P-17A frigate and Thailand’s new frigate programs. GE’s LM500 gas turbines power South Korea’s newest Chamsuri II class PKX-B patrol boat. 

New technologies/services/support 

GE ensures that its gas turbines meet the ever-changing needs of its customers, either by making advances to existing equipment or by introducing new technologies to improve overall performance; some examples follow: 

--The lightweight composite LM2500 gas turbine enclosure is fully qualified and successful shock tests are complete. The U.S. Navy DDG program will be the first program with a unit delivery in 2019. Benefits of this new enclosure include: walls are 50% lighter (2,500 kg reduction); acoustics are improved by 60% (4 dBA); wall temperature is decreased 25°F to 50°F; lifecycle cost is reduced by the elimination of steel components; and access for sailors is improved by taller doors that are also 60% lighter. 

--Electric gas turbine starters have been delivered on LM2500 family gas turbines for the Italian Navy’s PPA and India’s P-17 programs, and the LM500 gas turbines used for South Korea’s PKX-B programs. These starters weigh 6,500 pounds less and there is >70% volume reduction over hydraulic skids. 

--GE offers flexibility in design with the ability to upgrade for more power…quickly and easily. GE has shortened the LM2500+ and LM2500+G4 modules so that all three LM2500 models have the same length and footprint. This gives ship designers optimum flexibility in selecting only as much power is needed while making it easy for upgrades. 

--The interest in hybrid electric or full electric drive systems is increasing to meet cruise speed and ship electrical power load for weapons, radar and cooling. GE is the only company providing both gas turbine and hybrid systems equipment (U.S. Navy’s LHA 8 amphibious ship and Italy’s PPA patrol light frigate). 

GE’s gas turbine generator sets provide electrical power for the LHD amphibious assault ships in the Spanish Navy and Royal Australian Navy fleets, and thousands of units in power and oil and gas applications. Further, GE Power conversion is the naval market leader in electric propulsion. 

GE’s split casing compressor and power turbine design allows for in-situ maintenance such as blade changeout after a foreign object damage event or trim balance. This feature often makes turbine removals unnecessary, thus saving navies millions of dollars a year and weeks/months of ship availability. 

With a global installed base and service network, operators can be confident of exceptional OEM support wherever they sail. To ensure optimum fleet readiness, GE’s customized in-service support agreements provide predictable gas turbine maintenance costs and lower total cost of ownership. 

GE’s marine gas turbine business is part of GE Aviation and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. GE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine propulsion products, systems and solutions including six aeroderivative gas turbines ranging from 6,100 to 70,656 shaft horsepower/4.6 to 52.7megawatts. These gas turbines reliably operate the world over in some of the most arduous conditions in temperatures ranging from -40 to 120 degrees F/-40 to 48 degrees C. 

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