γ-radiation Dosimeter NOVA-3b by Englo

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Englo OU
Akadeemia tee 21/6
Tallinn 12618

The NOVA-3b dosimeter is a portable device for measuring γ-radiation equivalent dose and dose intake.


The dosimeter measures the radiation dose equivalent dose and the radiation intensity, date and time corresponding to the instantaneous measurement. The unit dose equivalent dose is μSv, the unit of intensity μSv/h.


Data stored in the dosimeter memory can be transferred to a computer using the BLUETOOTH interface. Data on the computer can be presented in the form of tables and graphs showing the total dose of registered γ radiation and the dose intensities of the user-selected time intervals. When data is transferred to a computer, each registered user information is automatically transferred to its data file. Through the computer, it is possible to change the recording time interval, device alarm levels for the γ radiation dose and dose rate.


Radiation detector

   type                                                   GM

   γ-energy range                                  50 keV to 1.5 MeV

Dose measurement

   discretion                                           1 μSv

   range                                                  9 999 999 μSv

Dose rate measurement

   discretion                                            0.1 μSv/h

   range                                                  99 999.9 μSv/h

Dose alarm treshold

  discretion                                             1 μSv

  range                                                   1 to 9 999 999 μSv

Dose rate alarm treshold

    discretion                                           1 μSv/h

    range                                                  1 to 99 999 μSv/h

Minimum time period for data saving      1 min

Power supply                                           AAA batteries, 2 pcs.

Operational temperatures                        -15°C to +35°C

Dimensions                                              105 x 58 x 18 mm

Weight                                                      106 g (with batteries and pocket clip)

Defense Products & Services: γ-radiation Dosimeter NOVA-3b by Englo
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Defense Products & Services Sectors: Dose rate meters, radiation monitoring
Country: Estonia
Description: γ-radiation Dosimeter NOVA-3b
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