361A / 461A Limit Alarm, DC Voltage/Current Input, AC or DC-Powered by Acromag

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Acromag, Incorporated
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- 0 to 20mA DC, 0 to 100V DC, AC current (with optional sensor) input

- Single or dual mechanical relays output

- 10-36V DC or 115/230V AC power

- 100% adjustable setpoint, hi/lo failsafe operation, jumper-selectable voltage/current input


361A: DC-powered

461A: AC-powered


These alarms accept DC voltage/current input signals and provide relay output if the input exceeds user-defined setpoint limits.


Numerous options and features make these alarms easy to use and well-suited for a wide range of limit monitoring and on/off controller applications. Three-way isolation eliminates ground loops to simplify installation. And for easier use in the field, these alarms withstand extreme temperatures and have accessible setpoint voltage test points. Other features include alarm/power status LEDs and independent setpoint and deadband adjustment pots.


Features & Benefits


- 100% adjustable setpoint via 15-turn pot handles more applications and provides better resolution.

- 100% adjustable deadband via 15-turn pot prevents false trips and eliminates alarm chatter.

- Setpoint test points are accessible on front of unit for quick verification with digital voltmeter probe.

- Dual relays offer the flexibility of high/low, high/high, or low/low alarm setpoint operation.

- Three-way isolation eliminates ground loops.

- Jumper-selectable DC voltage or current input reduces inventory stock.

- Jumper-selectable failsafe operation enables alarm actuation on power loss in critical applications.

- Wide power supply range (361A) handles more applications to reduce inventory stock.

- DC power units (361A only) carry lower voltages and do not require expensive conduit for safer and easier installation.

- Diode-coupled power (361A only) supports the use of redundant power supplies for critical applications.

- Excellent accuracy, stability and no loose internal wiring ensure reliable alarm trips.

- Operating temperature range: -13°F to 167°F (-25°C to 75°C).

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