5.56 mm M21BS-v10 Assault Rifle by Yugoimport - SDPR p c

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Yugoimport - SDPR p c
Art Boulevard 2
11150 Belgrade

M21BS-v10 boasts:


  • gas operated, featuring modernized “Kalashnikov” design, with rotating bolt operating system
  • hard chromium plated, cold forged barrel
  • heavy-duty plastic handgrip
  • light and reliable polymer ammo. magazine
  • receiver cover full lenght-integrated picatinny-rail based optoelectronic sighting system carrier
  • General-purpose weapon for infantrymen, as well as for members of special forces and the police
  • compact design due to medium-size barrel lenght and side-folding polymer stock 
  • manufacturing from high quality raw materials, using of state-of-the art CNC processing centers, with strict quality control procedure
  • possibility for mounting of 40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher




  • Ergonomically adjustable  polymer stock with cable holder attached to rear end of receiver
  • Height adjustment of face pad on the stock is by means of stock retainer disabling button, allowing up and down movement in three positions
  • Shoulder support of the stock incorporates rubber shock asorber
  • System for easy transition from extended (combat) position to folded (traveling) position
  • Mounted to lower side of rifle barrel jacket is piccatini rail to which forward hand grip is attached (adjustable to suit soldier’s comfort)
  • Front hand grip can be removed in order to fit under-barrel grenade launcher “BGP-40”
Defense Products & Services: 5.56 mm M21BS-v10 Assault Rifle by Yugoimport - SDPR p c
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Defense Products & Services Sectors: Rifles, automatic
Country: Serbia
Description: 5.56 mm M21BS-v10 Assault Rifle by Yugoimport - SDPR p c
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