5-inch Control Display Unit by Industrial Electronic Engineers

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The 5” Control Display Unit (CDU) joins the IEE family of Avionics Display System Interface products and is designed for fixed and rotary wing airborne applications. The color transmissive LCD has a resolution of 640x480 VGA, and a high-bright backlight. This smart display features an ARM processor, and a FPGA Video Processor.


Based on the fully qualified design of the 3.5” aircraft CDU, the 5” CDU features twelve backlit, programmable bezel buttons, four I/O interfaces, a rear surface ITO heater and brightness control interface buttons.




5" Transmissive LCD Display

640 x 480 VGA Resolution

Brightness: 600cd/m2 (native)

Contrast Ratio: 350:1 (native)

Twelve programmable backlit bezel buttons

I/O Interfaces

10/100 Ethernet

RS232 Serial Bus (debug)

JTAG (FPGA programming)

DVI Video Out

5VAC 400Hz Dimmer Input

TI ARM® DaVinci Processor

256MB RAM, 8GB Flash

FPGA Video Processor

Brightness Control Interface buttons

Power Input: 28VDC per MIL-STD-704F

Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +55ºC

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