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Harris Corporation
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Harris Acoustic Sensors has extensive on site testing facilities including in water acoustic calibration, air chamber calibration, laboratory test equipment, fixtures and software for complete data collection including polar plots, time domain and swept frequency.


Utilize our large fresh water test pond for acoustic calibration or our air chamber for calibrating receiving elements.


Facilities include large fresh water test pond (140’ x 105’ x 30’ deep) with enclosed instrumented test pod and a gantry is also an onsite option. In water frequency range is from ambient noise level to 400 kHz, drive levels to 12 KW, test standards traceable to NIST. We offer air calibration for receiving elements with frequency range from 10 Hz to 1 kHz. All transducers can be performance validated with any of these calibrated test facilities. Typical transducers utilizing these facilities are; S80, TR343, AQS20, TB29, TR-355, towed array hydrophones, fish finders and more.

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