Advanced Avionics Upgrades for Trainers and Fighters by Rada Electronic Industries

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RADA's advanced, scalable and affordable Avionics Upgrade Package is the ultimate solution for new or ageing light fighter or advanced trainer aircraft. RADA offers complete, proven and operational avionics suits, from mission & display computer thru all needed sensors and displays, and up to post-flight ground debriefing stations.


RADA's core package is based on the Israeli Air Force (IAF) A-4 avionics upgrade program which was integrated and supplied to the IAF in record times.


Based on extensive system engineering expertise, complex programs management skills and a wide range of indigenous core avionics systems, RADA offers scalable and highly affordable solutions which are tailored to each customer's needs in extremely short periods.



RADA’s Family of Indigenous Core Avionics:



MDC – Mission & Display Computer:

Being the heart of the WDNS, the MDC integrates in real-time all data from airborne sensors and pilot commands into comprehensive HUD and MFD displays which provide the pilot with situational awareness, weapon aiming, navigation and system operation.


SMS – Stores Management System:

RADA’s Weapons & Armament computers are highly reliable and compact units. The SMS integrates with, and controls all weapon types.


DIU – Data Interface Unit:

The ultimate building block for fighter aircrafts modernization programs. It enables avionics architecture, built around a powerful central computer and distributed I/O processors, optimizing the flight and mission control and minimizing aircraft wiring.


EGI - FOG based INS:

High precision, tactical-grade, Embedded GPS-INS (EGI) solutions. The EGI is based on modern, precise and reliable Fiber-Optical Gyro (FOG) sensors. The EGI enables accurate weapon delivery (CCIP, DTOS, CCRP ...) and navigation modes.


HCVC – HUD Color Video Camera:

An advanced, widely-used and highly affordable Military-off-the-Shelf (MOTS) family of products. This mature camera is designed to fit any Head-Up Display (HUD) which is currently operational in fighter aircraft cockpits.


DVDR & GDS – Airborne Recording and Ground Debriefing:

The Digital Video & Data Recorder (DVDR) is the airborne recording segment, while the Ground Debriefing System (GDS) is the complementary ground segment. The DVDR records data from all sources - video, audio and digital channels. The GDS provides mission data preparation and loading, mission debriefing and end-to-end flight analysis that includes simultaneous, synchronized playback of numerous digital channels with 3-D flight reconstruction in the form of Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) displays.

Defense Products & Services: Advanced Avionics Upgrades for Trainers and Fighters by Rada Electronic Industries
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Country: Israel
Description: Advanced Avionics Upgrades for Trainers and Fighters
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