Advanced Composite Manufacturing Services by Sonaca

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Sonaca SA
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Sonaca develops advanced composite technologies as RTM & SQRTM to manufacture highly integrated structures and parts.  This happens in a highly automated workshop that allows us to offer a robust and competitive solution.


Product identification advanced composite




Pylon Trailing Edges

Spatial structures


Manufacturing sites & capabilities






Automated Plies draping                     1 x 3D Multi Tape Head ATL (12m x 5,1m x 0,85m)

                                                            1 x 3D 16 x ¼’’ Tows AFP ( 6 to 9 m x 3,5 m x 1,5 m)

                                                            1 x Hot forming machine (8m x 1m)

Prepreg assembly                               2 x clean room of 800m² in total for Prepreg assembly

Autoclave/SQRTM curing                    2 x autoclaves 9m x 3m and 4 m x 2m

                                                             2 SQRTM Press 8,5m x 1,5 m and 5 m x 1 m

5 axis Milling                                        1 x routing & milling machine (9mx4mx1,5m)

NDT inspection                                    1 x NDT Robot (Ultra-Sonic Inspections)

Painting                                                1 x Painting booth for parts up to 6m long

Final assembly                                     Manual or Automated Assembly




NADCAP : all special processes (incl. composite, NDT and painting)

EN 9100

ISO 14001

EASA Part 21G

EASA Part 145




Standard ATL/Autoclave parts

Price attractiveness thanks to best in class ATL machine

Fully integrated manufacturing line delivery high quality parts

SONACA Group experience to support the industrialization of complex parts

Complex integrated SQRTM parts

Weight & cost optimization enabled by product redesign (by increasing part integration)

Complete D&B Capabilities (incl. Certification)

Proven track record in development, certification, and manufacturing of SQRTM product (E2 Flap)

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Companies & Organizations: 
Country: Belgium
Description: Advanced Composite Manufacturing Services
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