ALPHA 200 Series Helicopter & Flight Helmet by Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd

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The ALPHA 200 Series military flight helmet provides helicopter and fixed wing, non ejection seat aircraft pilots with the stable, dependable helmet platform required in air force operations.



The basic military helicopter helmet configuration can be adapted using a range of equipment options, to suit the specific flight operations as required, including a large choice of boom microphones and compatibility with a wide range of aircraft communication systems and compatibility with NBC/CBR, Night Vision Goggles, Active Noise Reduction, Laser Protective Visors, and other optional accessories.



The fixed wing and helicopter flight helmet is available in a choice of colours and finishes and features an aramid/carbon fibre shell for the ultimate protection from impact AND penetration.




Choice of 5 helmet shell sizes

Updated nape pad design

Exceptonal optical performance

Excellent stability with low centre of gravity

Uninterrupted field of view

Range of optional extras and accessories to suit your precise flight operations




Military Flight Helmets

The ALPHA 200 Series military helicopter helmets are compatible with the ALPHA Active Noise Reduction (ANR) System and Laser Protective Visors, amongst an array of other options and accessories.



The new ALPHA 900 Series military pilot helmet offers a lightweight military flight helmet option, with outstanding levels of performance and a new array of options and accessories.

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