ALPHA 300 Series Fighter Jet Pilot Helmet by Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd

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The ALPHA 300 Series fighter pilot helmet is the world's leading jet fighter helmet system. As the UK MOD's Design Authority for aircrew helmets, the ALPHA 300 Series is built with decades of experience from developing RAF flying helmet technology.



The ALPHA 300 Series offers a truly unparalleled combination of performance, comfort, retention, protection, adaptability and noise attenuation.



Pilot helmets and in particular jet fighter helmets, require a unique balancing act to protect the fighter pilot from concussive injury caused by a flat impact to the helmet shell as well as protection from penetrative injury through the shell. The ALPHA 300 Series fighter jet helmet not only achieves this balance better than other fighter helmets, it offers this advanced level of protection without compromise on comfort, retention and noise attenuation.





Aramid/carbon fibre shell

5 shell sizes

Superb impact and penetration protection

Adaptable - Accepts NVG, laser protective visors (LPV), Active Noise Reduction & range of other accessories

Outstanding noise attenuation

Exceptional optical performance

Excellent stability with low cente of gravity

Uninterrupted field of view



In use throughout the world, the ALPHA 300 Series air force pilot helmet offers a range of options and accessories to customise the jet fighter helmet to the exact specification suited to the operation.



With a choice of headset impedance, aircraft communication jack plugs, NVG, ANR and LPV compatibility, single or dual visors and compatibility with all major oxygen masks, this fighter pilot helmet leads the way in operational performance.

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