AXIS-3D® baggage scanning system by 3DX-RAY

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The AXIS-3D® baggage scanning system offers real-time 3D x-ray images. Ideal for security scanning of baggage and small packages at high security facilities, stadiums and events. 


AXIS-3D® employs unique and innovative technology to provide the operator with real-time 3D x-ray images. The operator is able to see, for example, whether a wire passes behind, in front of, or into a substance or container, enabling the operator to recognise and confirm threat and non-threat items more easily. The AXIS-3D® has a robust, ergonomically designed keyboard and intuitive software , both designed for ease of use.



Enhanced 3D visualisation and simple to use image processing tools enable the operator to make fast and accurate decisions, thereby increasing throughput and decreasing the incidence of false alarms or missed threats.



Training time to competence for screeners is significantly reduced using AXIS-3D® and operational performance is enhanced. Independent verification by the USA Transport Security Administration confirmed that using the AXIS-3D® system significantly improved the probability of an operator detecting a threat item when compared with conventional systems. AXIS systems provide a competitively priced solution for standard screening scenarios.





• Real-time 3D images

• Powerful image enhancement and analysis tools

• Intuitive user-friendly software interface

• Threat Image Projection (TIP)



3D Benefits

• Higher probability of detection

• Reduced false alarm rates

• Reduced operator training times

• Reduced time to competency

Physical Specification

Footprint 2700mm x 1000mm

Weight 640kg

Inspection tunnel 600mm x 400mm

Conveyor speed 0.2m/sec



X-Ray Generator

Anode voltage 145kV

Beam current 0.7mA max.

Anode material Tungsten

Cooling Sealed oil




Voltage 110-240 VAC, 750W

Frequency 50-60Hz






Operating temperature 0oC to 40oC

Relative humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing




Resolution Typically 32 AWG (guaranteed), 36 AWG (typical)

Penetration 30mm

Capability 2D and 3D imaging

Materials discrimination Dual energy




Imaging processing modes Mono



2D / 3D



Deep FocusTM

Image filters

Variable contrast

Materials discrimination

Materials strip

Image archiving Automatic image archiving and image review

Threat Image Projection (TIP) AXIS-3D® TIP UK DfT approved





X-ray emissions Less than 1µSv/hr, conforms with IRR99 (UK)

High voltage generator Compliant with UL/CSE/IEC950

CE CE compliant

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Description: AXIS-3D® baggage scanning system by 3DX-RAY
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