Ballistic Shield Foldable BSF by Force Ware GmbH

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Force Ware GmbH
Arbachtalstr. 10
72800 Eningen

Our high end Light Weight Soft Shield is designed for confined space use in an airplane, train, metro and narrow corridors. It can also be joined with another shield to form a supporting wall.



This unique shield design also offers the capability to upgrade the protection by means of adding insert plates (one or two) placed centrally in secure pockets. It can also be equipped with trauma protection at the handle location.



The Shield can be folded in half in use or in storage if required. The shield also incorporates additional supporting legs. The carrying system is of ambidextrous design and can be adjusted if required. A harness system also allows for an easy transport.



Low weight, supporting legs and stand option and the additional new feature, fastening hook straps, makes the shield perfect for entrance and securing–operations.



Article No.: 1100306

Defense Products & Services: Ballistic Shield Foldable BSF by Force Ware GmbH
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Country: Germany
Description: Ballistic Shield Foldable BSF
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