Cromwell F600 Fire Fighter Helmet by Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd

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A fire fighters helmet with a long standing and well earned reputation for comfort and safety, the Cromwell F600 fireman helmet is proven in use by major fire brigades throughout the UK and across the globe.


With a unique modular design, the fire fighter helmet can be adapted to suit the operational requirements and local fireman helmet regulations, whilst extending the serviceable life of the product through easily replaceable components.


As the first fire fighters’ helmet to be awarded dual CE certification for both fireman helmet shell (EN 443:1997) and face shield (EN 166:1996), the Cromwell F600 provides the necessary head and face protection for fire fighters around the world.





Lightweight fire fighter helmet certificated to EN443:1997

Faceshield certificated to EN166:1996 (Class 2 – Optical, high impact energy against high speed particles and protection against molten metals and hot solids.)

Modular helmet design with easily replaced spare parts

Rapid 4 point adjustment fits range of head sizes

Choice of helmet shell colours

Optional torch fitting, neck cape & rank markings



Firemen Helmets – Options & Accessories


Cromwell F600 firemen helmets are available in a choice of colours including yellow, white, red, orange, green, blue and black. There is also the option of fitting a torch attachment the helmet shell, along with rank markings and other reflective badges.


Furthermore, an optional detachable, heat resistant, machine washable neck curtain can be fitted to the fire fighter helmet for additional wearer protection.  

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