Cromwell F900 Fire Helmet by Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd

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A fire helmet designed and manufactured as a result of decades of experience, the Cromwell F900 firefighters helmet provides much improved level of protection and comfort whilst minimising helmet service and repair costs.



Developed from the popular Cromwell F600 fireman helmet, which is used by fire services throughout the UK and worldwide, the Cromwell F900 fire helmet extends Cromwell’s tradition of meeting the needs of the modern firefighter.




EN443:2008 Fire Helmet

EN14458:2004 Face Guard (High Energy Impact)

Easily replaced faceguard cover

Compatible with popular BAs

Rapid 4 point adjustment

Fits range of head sizes

Choice of colours

Compatible with comms & mobile phones

Long service life & spares available




Firefighter Helmet

Certificated to the British fire helmet standard (EN443:2008) and, most importantly, offering a polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) faceguard which is certificated to the high energy impact requirement of EN 14458:2004, the Cromwell F900 firefighter helmet complies with the very latest requirements set out by the British Standards Institution (BSi).



With a simple and rapid four point adjustment the fire helmet provides the perfect fit for a very wide range of head shapes and sizes. With easily replaced component parts and a durable lightweight shell, this is a firefighters’ helmet that will stand the test of time.



The Cromwell F900 is available in a choice of colours and the pre-impregnated glass fibre shell has a fire retardant paint finish. A range of rank marking and reflective/ photoluminescent fire helmet badge options are also available.

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