Cut Protection Shirt CPS by Force Ware GmbH

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Force Ware GmbH
Arbachtalstr. 10
72800 Eningen

Force Ware offers a brand new collection of innovative slash, cut and stab resistant garments. It is developed of the highest quality with a strong focus on comfort and weight reduction. It feels like a second skin, offering optimal protection.



The CPS shirt offers you an optimal protection but also cares for the person ho’s wearing it for a long period of time. Thanks to a high degree of breathability the garment is very comfortable.


CPS moves along with your movements and doesn’t annoy you while doing your job.



Article No.: 1310010

Defense Products & Services: Cut Protection Shirt CPS by Force Ware GmbH
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Defense Products & Services Sectors: Body protection
Country: Germany
Description: Cut Protection Shirt CPS
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