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The R&S®EB510 HF monitoring receiver is designed to meet the demanding requirements of ITU-compliant radiomonitoring tasks in stationary and mobile environments. The receiver performs high-speed signal search in the spectrum and provides very wideband demodulation as well as spectrum overview. It can be operated via the front panel or via remote control software. It is the ideal choice for a large variety of applications from single-station measurements to nationwide monitoring systems.


Key Facts


Digital direct conversion receiver from 8 kHz to 32 MHz

IF spectrum of up to 32 MHz and parallel demodulation with bandwidths from 100 Hz to 5 MHz

Fast panorama scan with up to 60 GHz/s across the entire frequency range

High-speed frequency and memory scan with up to 1600 channels/s

Polychrome IF spectrum for reliable detection of pulsed signals

Spectrum and spectrogram (waterfall) display on receiver (model .03) or on PC via the R&S®EB510-Control software (both model .02 and model .03)

AM, FM, I/Q, AM2, FM2, I/Q2 video panorama

1 Gbit LAN interface for remote control and data output

Comparatively low power consumption for efficient DC operation, e.g. on a vehicle battery

Space-saving system integration due to ½ 19" width and three height units

Classification and analysis of signals up to 5 MHz bandwidth (analog and digital modulation) through evaluation of the I/Q data stream using the R&S®CA100IS software (in offline mode)

Multichannel digital downconversion (DDC) within realtime bandwidth


Features & Benefits


High receiver sensitivity, high signal resolution

- State-of-the-art FFT-based digital signal processing for high receiver sensitivity and detection of extremely weak signals without any loss in processing speed

- Significantly superior signal resolution (compared to conventional analog broadband receivers)


Comprehensive spectrum analysis with polychrome display

- Polychrome display for detection and analysis of short-duration signals

- Multiple-color spectrum display (polychrome IF spectrum) and color coding of signal duration in the spectrum

- Distinction of overlapping short-duration signals (displayed in blue) and long-duration signals (displayed in red), e.g. wideband interference resulting from switching power supply leakage


Wide spectrum view without scanning

- Full 32 MHz IF spectrum display without scanning

- Monitoring of entire HF range in a single spectral view with simultaneous demodulation

- Panorama scan function for spectral overview with narrower preselection


Retrieval of information through demodulation and signal analysis in a compact system

- Online LAN transfer from an R&S®EB510 to a PC with R&S®CA100 analysis software, for example, for operating an efficient small system for signal reception and analysis

- Online analysis or recording of captured data using R&S®CA100, provision of data for documentation, replay or subsequent additional evaluation

- ITU-compliant signal analysis in line with ITU-R SM.1600 using R&S®CA100 and R&S®CA100IS, optimum tool for single-channel analysis and measurement of analog and digitally modulated signals in accordance with ITU requirements


Efficient operation via remote control

- Remote control of all receiver functions via LAN interface (SCPI command set)

- LAN interface for providing the maximum measured data rate during receiver operation; efficient remote operation in unattended monitoring stations (interface description available, especially essential for system integrators who need to incorporate the receiver into existing software environments)


Convenient remote control with R&S®EB510-Control software

- Short learning curve due to straightforward menu structure and simple operation

- Alignment of displayed signals (depending on task), optimum display on screen

- Remote control of receiver via PC, recording of measured data on hard disk and replay of data on PC for analysis purposes

- Expansion of remote control software functionality through options and add-ons from the R&S®RAMON software suite


Future-ready investment

- Wide realtime bandwidth and very high scan speed for fast and reliable detection of all signal types in the HF range

- Reception, demodulation and processing of signals of current and future radio services in the HF spectrum





Frequency range     

base unit                                                                 8kHz to 32MHz


Demodulation modes         

all IF bandwidths                                                    AM, FM, φM, PULSE, I/Q

 IF bandwidths ≤ 9kHz                                            LSB, USB, CW

 IF bandwidths ≥ 1kHz                                            ISB

IF bandwidths


demodulation, level and offset                                100/150/300/600Hz,

measurements (3dB bandwidth), 29filter                1/1.5/2.1/2.4/2.7/3.1/4/4.8/6/9/

                                                                                12/15/30/50/ 120/150/250/

                                                                                 300/500/800kH, 1/1.25/1.5/2/5MHz

IF panorama

FFT IF panorama     

up to 4096-point FFT                                               dynamic, overlapping FFT

operating modes                                                      automatic or variable with selectable frequency resolution


                                                                                  31.25/50/62.5/ 100/125/200/250/

                                                                                 312.5/500/625Hz, 1/1.25/2/2.5/


                                                                                 25/50/100/200/500kHz, 1MHz, 2MHz

IF panorama span                                                   1/2/5/10/20/50/100/200/500kHz,


Panorama display                                                    clear/write, Average, Max Hold, Min Hold, Histogram

Memory scan                                                           10 000 programmable memory locations

 speed                                                                      up to 1600 channels/s

Frequency scan                                                       user-selectable start/stop frequency and step width

 speed                                                                      up to 1600 channels/s

Panorama scan        

with R&S®EB510-PS option                                    RF spectrum with user-selectable

                                                                                 start/stop frequency and step width:



                                                                                12.5/20/ 25/50/100/200/500 kHz, 1MHz, 2MHz

 speed                                                                      up to 60GHz/s

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