FU129 Antenna Filter Unit by Rohde & Schwarz

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The R&S® FU129 antenna filter unit is placed close to the receiving antennas. It comes standard with an antenna input selector for switching up to six antenna inputs to one output by remote control. Unwanted signals, such as those caused by nearby mobile radio base stations and strong sound and TV broadcast transmitters, can be reduced to levels suitable for the connected receiver by applying optional filters. This allows the suppression of strong useful signals as well as interfering signals.


All R&S®FU129 functions are controlled either directly by a control PC (connected to the R&S®FU129 via a LAN cable) or by the tried-and-tested R&S®GB127S antenna control unit.


Key Facts


- 1-out-of-6 antenna input selector

- Frequency range from DC to 26.5 GHz

- Suitable for outdoor use very close to antennas

- Integrated rotator control

(azimuth and polarization/elevation)

- Powerful options:

Five selectable attenuators for reducing strong signal levels

Three selectable amplifiers for different frequency ranges

Up to ten selectable filters with different characteristics

- DC power supply for active antennas




RF characteristics

Frequency range                                                                            DC to 26.5 GHz

Impedance                                                                                     50 Ω

Insertion loss                                   up to 3 GHz                            ≤ 0.8 dB

                                                        3 GHz to 6 GHz                      ≤ 1.1 dB

                                                        6 GHz to 12 GHz                    ≤ 1.7 dB

                                                        12 GHz to 26.5 GHz               ≤ 3.0 dB

Input VSWR                                    up to 6 GHz                            ≤ 1.4

                                                        6 GHz to 12 GHz                    ≤ 1.8

                                                        12 GHz to 26.5 GHz               ≤ 2.0

Contact switching time                                                                   ≤ 15ms



Attenuator option                             without attenuation                bypassed

(DC to 26.5 GHz)                             stages 2 to 6                          typ. 3/6/10/20/40 dB

Amplifier option                                without amplification:                    

                                                        DC to 26.5 GHz                            bypassed

                                                        amplifier 1: 0.5 MHz to 35 MHz    typ. +22 dB

                                                        amplifier 2: 20 MHz to 3 GHz        typ. +12 dB

                                                        amplifier 3: 1 GHz to 26.5 GHz      typ. +30 dB

Filter option                                     without filter: DC to 26.5 GHz         bypassed

                                                        stages 2 to 6 (11): for frequency     attenuation depending on filter

                                                        ranges, see filter type                    


RF inputs (X1 to X6)                       SMA female (26.5 GHz)                   0 V DC

RF level                                                                                                   depending on options installed

RF output                                       SMA female (26.5 GHz)      

External control input                     MIL female RJ-45 female

                                                        (for future expansions)                     10 pin

Azimuth rotator                                MIL female                                       8 pin


rotator                                              MIL female                                       6 pin

AC input                                          circular connector                             4 pin

DC input                                          circular connector                             7 pin

DC outputs (1 and 2)                      mini circular connector                      5 pin


General data

Permissible temperature range                                       -40°C to +55°C

(without direct sun exposure)

Storage temperature range                                             -40°C to +70°C

Protection class                                                               IP 65

Relative humidity                                                             95% cyclic test, +25°C/+55°C

Vibration                              sinusoidal                             5 Hz to 150 Hz

                                            random                                10 Hz to 500 Hz

Shock  shock spectrum                                                    40 g

MTBF                                                                                21500 h

Power supply                                                                    100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz to 60 Hz,

                                                                                          10 V to 30 V DC

                                               power consumption,

                                               depending on options        typ. 25 W to 40 W/25 VA to 40 VA

                                               installed                              typ. 100 W/100 VA

                                               power consumption, with

                                               both rotators in operation


Dimensions                                                                         404 mm x 313 mm x 183 mm

(W x H x D)                                                                         (19.91 in x 12.32 in x 7.21 in)

Weight                                  without options                       typ. 11.4 kg (25.13 lb)

                                             with all options/fully

                                             configured                               typ. 14.6 kg (32.19 lb)

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