Hand Thrown Grenade M1, CS by Trayal Corp

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Trayal Corp
Milosa Obilica
BB, Krusevac

Hand thrown grenade M1, CS is designed for a special military and police units in anti riot control operations for temporary incapacitating of unprotected crowd in open and closed area. When thrown to a target, contaminate area and temporary disable crowd. Provokes hard irritation, teasing of eyes and mucous membrane, plenty of tearing, cough, uneasiness breath and choking without injury.




Body of the grenade is cylindrical, made of steel plate. Consists of pyrotechnic irritating mixture, based on CS. Principle of acting is thermal generating (when hits the target, emits smoke wave of active substance in rated time).




Hold grenade firmly keeping EOT handle pressed against the hand, and pull out safety ring. At this moment, mechanical igniter is released, which, after throwing activate delay igniter. After delay time of 2,5 to 3,5 seconds, from the body is released dense irritating smoke in next 30-40 seconds. Appropriate delay time ensures safe use. There is no danger to generate fire.




Diameter: 57mm

Height: 150±2mm

Mass of the grenade: 410±2g

Mass of pyrotechnic mixture: 240 g

Active loading: CS

Igniter: mechanical

Delay time: 3.0 ± 0.5s

Activation: by hand

Smoke emission time: 30-40s

Shelf life: 5 years


Transport packing: waterproof carton box

Inner packing: PE bag

Dimensions of box: 388x314x72 mm

Number of units in the box: 12

Gross weight of transport packing: 7,5 kg

UN 0301

Class 1.4 G

Defense Products & Services: Hand Thrown Grenade M1, CS by Trayal Corp
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Country: Serbia
Description: Hand Thrown Grenade M1, CS
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