Kurjak (Blackwolf ) combat-reconnaissance vehicle by Yugoimport - SDPR p c

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Kurjak (Blackwolf ) family of combat-reconnaissance vehicle is representing modern, highly versatile armored wheeled vehicle 4x4, featuring high off-road mobility, effective all-arc amour protection, lightweight and compact design, good troop transport ability, effective self-defence capability due to powerful Overhead Weapon station armed with 12.7 mm HMG, as well as state-of-the-art reconnaissance, navigation and communication equipment, including modern C4I system.



Vehicle concept design is enabling optimal ratio between mobility, armor protection level, troop transport capability and integrated weapon system and equipment. Vehicle family is including several versions, based on main vehicle concept design. All versions are intended for different combat- reconnaissance purposes, particulrly intended for modern long-range artillery.



The basic scope of reconnaissance equipment includes mast-mounted multipurpose multisensor optoelectronic station, equipped with thermal imaging camera, ccd-camera and laser rangefinder, c4I console, GPS equipment with north-seeker, as welll as (optionally) removable artillery forward observation station consisting of gonimeter with laser rangefinder.

Defense Products & Services: Kurjak (Blackwolf ) combat-reconnaissance vehicle by Yugoimport - SDPR p c
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Description: Kurjak (Blackwolf ) combat-reconnaissance vehicle by Yugoimport - SDPR p c
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