Long-Range Thermal Binoculars UNITEC-B50 by General Starlight Co

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UNITEC-B is a family of thermal binocular systems equipped with uncooled, shutterless thermal detectors and a choice of 50, 75 or 100mm Germanium objective lenses. UNITEC-B has dual-OLED display system that designates one high-res OLED display for each individual eyepiece and has no moving parts inside. UNITEC-B can be comfortably operated for prolonged viewing periods without eye strain.


Like in all GSCI Thermal Systems, Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC, Calibration) of FPA is performed automatically, instantly and continuously to deliver crisp and highest image quality at all times. Auto-NUC technology results in no “clicks”, no interruptions in device’s operation. User is not distracted to perform any FPA calibrations whatsoever.



Available Thermal Detectors


The device comes with a choice of thermal detectors (FPAs):


384x288 and 640x480 both running at 50Hz


Technical specifications


                                                                     UNITEC-B50-38                    UNITEC-B50-64


Optical Magnification                                                3X                                          2X

Objective Lens System                                                 50mm Focal Length, f/1.0

Field-Of-View (FOV)                                             7.5°x5.6°                               12.4°x9.3°

Focusing Range                                                                  1m .. Infinity

FPA Resolution and Pitch                        384x288, 17 micron               640x480, 17 micron

FPA Type                             Uncooled, a-Si, Shutterless, Silent, Auto-NUC (Uninterrupted Operation)

FPA Sensitivity                                                                       <60mK

FPA Refresh Rate                                                                    50Hz

Digital Zoom                                                                        2X and 4X

Display                                                       Full Size: 0.6-Inch, Dual-AMOLED 800x600, Colour

Imaging Modes                                                   1 Monochrome + 8 Colour

Digital Video Recorder                       Optional: Built-In with microSD Card or External with SD Card

High Dynamic Range (HDR)                          Coming Soon                          Yes

Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)                 Coming Soon                          Yes

Max. Detection Human (1.7x0.5m)                                        1,660m

Max. Detection Vehicle (2.3x2.3m)                                        2,250m

Power Source                                   4 AA Batteries, Any Kind: Lithium, Alkaline, Rechargeable, etc.

Battery Life                                                                       Up to 8 hours

Environmental Protection                                    IP66, IP67 or Better (Optional)

Dimensions, mm                                                              112x138x55

Weight, grams                                                                        825

Operating Temperature                                                 -40°C .. +50°C

Warranty                                                                      7 Years, Limited

Export                                                                       Available Worldwide **


** Canadian Export Permit Required. GSCI provides assistance in applying for the Export Permit.


Standard Equipment


UNITEC-B100 Model

Shoulder Strap

Quick-Swap Battery Holders

USB Power Cable

Video-Out Cable

Soft Pouch

Hard Case

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