M113 Armoured Vehicle Modernisation by Flensburger Fahrzeugbau

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Based on more than 50 years of experience in the industrial maintenance of military vehicles, FFG developed their first M113 modernization concept more than 25 years ago. Our customers appreciate the intelligent and combat proven FFG solutions to equip their existing vehicles with modern protection systems and considerably better mobility.


The additional payload of the M113 by increasing the length of the hull and the raising of the ceiling increases the possible use of the modernized vehicles for a further 20 to 30 years. To date the FFG has modernized more than 1,500 M113 vehicles in the different configurations and have always fulfilled the individual requirements of each customer. Naturally the FFG makes sure that the existing equipment sets can continue to be used and regularly takes on the modernization of the equipment sets.




M113 G2+

The maintenance upgrade:

- Modernisation within maintenance work

- 1 : 1 exchange of the powerpack in an M113 A2

- Use of COTS parts

- Modern engine & automatic transmission

- Fulfi lment of environmental requirements

- Increased acceleration and vehicle speed

- Improved GVW of 13 tons


M113 G3

The German approach:

- Use of COTS and MOTS parts

- Powerful German engine and transmission

- Increased acceleration and vehicle speed

- New braking and steering system

- Increased braking performance with pivot turn function

- High ergonomics: re-designed driver’s compartment, intuitive drive operation

- Improved GVW of 15 tons


M113 G4

More space for any mission:

Similar to the M113 G3 plus

- Vehicle hull extension (6 road wheels), extension provides 2 additional crew seats

- Improved suspension system with additional road wheel pairs off ers a very high cross country mobility

- Raised roof to increase internal volume

- Improved GVW of 18 tons (or up to 20 tons)





Type                                      M113 G2+                 M113 G3                   M113 G4


Engine output max.                221 kW                     260 kW                 260 – 300 kW

Torque max.                         1,100 Nm                  1,730 Nm             1,730 – 1,800 Nm

Speed max.                           65 km/h                    70 km/h                70 km/h (72 km/h)

Inner volume                          8.3 m³                       8.3 m³                   10.1 – 12.5 m³

GVW                                      13 to                          15 to                      18 to (20 to)

Payload (max.)                      2.4 to                         4.4 to                     6.2 to (8.0 to)

Pivot turn function                   -                                 Yes                             Yes

Climbing ability                       60 %                           60 %                          60 %

Lateral inclination                   30 %                           30 %                          30 %


Crew safety



In response to the changing threat scenarios, FFG offers field tested and certified protection systems to counter the threat from mines, IEDs and RPG attacks by using active and passive protection systems. In addition FFG provides enhanced mine and blast protected seating, heating and air conditioning systems, NBC and fire suppression protection, and smoke grenade launchers. For self-defence, FFG offers a range of weapon stations.




Armoured Personnel Carrier

Command Post

Reconnaissance Vehicle


Mortar Carrier

Light Armoured Recovery Vehicle

Cargo Carrier etc.



FFG’s modular modernisation concepts permit the integration of various options, for example:

- Vehicle hull extension

- Roof extension

- Heavy duty suspension

- Rubber track

- Crane system

- Winch system

- Mine-roller system

- Camera system


Integration of comprehensive protection systems:

- Ballistic

- Mine


- RPG-7

- Fire extinguishing system

- Explosion suppression system

- Air conditioning

- NBC-protection system

- Camouflage with heat reduction



For over 25 years, FFG has been developing and integrating a programme of modernisation concepts for the M113 to fulfi l current and future demands. Depending on the specifi c requirements of each project existing integration kits can be used or FFG can develop and manufacture bespoke systems to meet customer requirements (e. g. the crane and winch system for the Light Armoured Recovery Vehicle LARV M113). To date, FFG has modernised more than 1,500 vehicles that are in use extensively, for example in Germany, Denmark, Australia, Lithuania and Norway.


A key element of each modernisation project is the improvement of mobility. FFG has developed various solutions for all kinds of requirements.

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