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The Magnetic Signature Duplicator (MSD) provides a magnetic signature sufficiently in advance of a vehicle to negate the effectiveness of magnetic influence mines.


The MSD increases the effectiveness and survivability of countermine equipment by causing the stand-off detonation of magnetic influence mines at a safe distance ahead of the host vehicle.


The MSD generates a multi-axial magnetic signature optimised for passively fused magnetic influence fused mines.


The system comprises four emitter coils, two associated power boxes and a MSD Control Unit (MSDCU).


The system is in service with the US Army, and amongst others, the French, Swedish, Danish, Swiss and Chilean Armed Forces.


Technical specifications:


Emitter coil total height:     754 mm

Emitter coil diameter:         110 mm

Emitter coil weight:             25 kg


Key Features


- Can be integrated onto any of Pearson Engineering’s de-mining and countermine systems enhancing their effectiveness

- Proven and in service with numerous Armed Forces



Operation and Control

The MSDCU has controls to start and stop the system, to identify the correct or incorrect operation of the emission coils and to blackout the indicator lights on the control panel.



The MSD can be integrated onto any of Pearson Engineering’s countermine systems.  As the MSD emitter coils are the elements most exposed to shrapnel when the mines are detonated, these have been designed to remain efficient even if some elements are damaged.


MSD emitter coils are easily replaceable in the field.

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