Model 997 Hull/Bow-Mounted Sonar by Harris Corporation

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The Model 997 Hull/Bow-Mounted Sonar is a 7-kHz, medium-frequency sonar that can be used either in a stand-alone configuration or integrated with an active/passive towed system.


High quality COTS hardware and Open System Architecture software boost sonar performance while lowering cost and risk


The Model 997 uses modern design techniques with the latest and highest quality COTS equipment and Open System Architecture (OSA) software. This approach results in a system that has excellent performance at the lowest cost and risk. These design techniques are in accordance with U.S. Navy and other worldwide navies' requirements. Harris has featured this design approach since the conception of its COTS sonar systems in early 1988, and our present system represents the fourth generation COTS sonar system.


The Model 997 sonar functions as a self-defense system against submarines and torpedoes


The Model 997 has been carefully designed to give the maximum performance possible in search, detection, track and classification of targets. It provides an operationally proven capability for anti-submarine self-defense and excellent self-defense against torpedoes and the ability to avoid mine-like objects.


A full repertoire of operating and transmission parameters, along with sensitive receivers, optimum signal processing and human engineered controls and displays, permit the maximum target information to be extracted from the acoustic environment. An important characteristic of the Model 997 sonar is that full capability exists for a single operator to control the powerful assets of the system, to handle multiple targets and to conduct the entire mission from a single console.

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