Modular Tactical Vest WHL-003 by Wood Harris Ltd

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Wood Harris Ltd
1 Cleeve Court, Cleeve Road
Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7UD

DESIGNED FOR: Military, Police, Special Forces.


BALLISTIC MATERIAL: Aramid UD fabric/Aramid woven fabric


PERFORMANCE: Up to NIJ 0101.06 level IV by using Hard Armor Plates. At request can be supplied with super thin composite ballistic panel of NIJ 0101.06 IIIA level. Anti-stab protection on demand.


FEATURES: • Modularized enhanced protection according to your actual needs by Protection Selection Option offering additional collar, shoulder, throat, upper arms, groin and hip pad protection.  • Internal pockets for both Hard Armour Plates and Soft Armour Panels at front and back accepts medium or large SAPI or ESAPI plates up to 10.125” x 13.25”. • Side protection provided by external cummerbund accommodating side plates. • Fully MOLLE mounting surfaces. • Multi-point adjustability by strengthened webbing and buckles. • Adjustable shoulder straps with collar support system. • Durable Nylon 6.6 construction. • Padded mesh interior lining. Available in any colour.

Defense Products & Services: Modular Tactical Vest WHL-003 by Wood Harris Ltd
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Description: Modular Tactical Vest WHL-003
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