Pocket RVT™ Video Receiver by AeroVironment

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The Pocket RVT™ video receiver provides the flexibility and freedom to receive video and data anywhere within the Digital Data Link™ (DDL™) network utilizing any USB display device for a wide range of military and commercial applications.


The ultra-compact, lightweight Pocket RVT provides dismounted ground troops direct access to real-time video downlink images and geodata from any DDL equipped platform. Designed for versatility, this pocket-sized module turns any USB display device into a Remote Video Terminal and can to be worn on a tactical vest or utility belt. Pocket RVT can interface with a wrist worn smartphone, vest mounted tablet or virtually any USB end-user display device.


Key Features


Ultra Compact, Lightweight

Easy integration into any Tactical Vest/Utility Belt

Secure Digital and Analog

Multi-Band Reception for Military and Commercial use

USB connection to any end-user device running Apps under Windows, Android, or iOS




Frequency Bands                            M1 & M2, M3 & M4 bands • C1 bands


Waveforms Supported                    SUAS DDL • Analog NTSC Video

Interface                                          USB Digital Interface

                                                        SMA RF Connector

                                                        Analog Video output in

                                                        H.264 MISB format over USB

Physical and Environmental         


Size:                                                3.25” x 2.2” x 0.75”

Weight:                                            100 grams (0.22 lb)

Operating Temperature:                   –40°C to +85°C

Water Resistant

Color:                                                Tan or Black

Power Requirements         


USB powered

Input Voltage:                                   5 volts

Current Draw:                                   0.7 amps (from 1 or optionally 2 USB ports)

Battery Life:                                      depends on USB source (a 2,000 mAh USB battery will receive for 2.8 hours)

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