Projectile 155mm HE M107 for Artillery by Hellenic Defence Systems

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Hellenic Defence Systems SA
1, Ilioupoleos Ave.
172 36 - Hymettus, Attica

The 155mm Projectile HE M107 is compatible with the most 155mm HOWITZERS, using cannons, M1A1, M126/ M126A1, M284, M185 and M199.


The ammunition have also fired with HOWITZERS M71, FH70, FH77A, AUF MK-F3, CN-TR, GC45, GHN45.


This ammunition is effective against personnel and material targets and produces both fragmentation and blasting results.


EAS’ Projectile 155mm HE, M107 complies fully with all NATO military specifications and test methods.


Complete Round


A complete round 155mm with projectile HE M107, will also include:

Fuze: Point Detonating, Time or Proximity

Propelling Charge: M3A1 (green bag), M4A2 (white bag), M119A1/M119A2

Percussion Primers: MK2A4 and M82




Technical Data Projectile HE, M107


Total Length (with lifting plug)                            681,2 mm

Total Weight (without fuze or lifting plug)           40,8 - 42,9 kg

Explosive Charge                                               6,6 kg

Supplementary Charge                                      0,14 kg



16 projectiles fitted with individual Lifting Plug per pallet with:

Volume:                                                                    0,79m3

Gross Weight:                                                          713 kg


Packaging secures safe land, sea and air transportation and long term storage.

Other packaging configuration are available, to meet specific customer needs.

Defense Products & Services: Projectile 155mm HE M107 for Artillery by Hellenic Defence Systems
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Description: Projectile 155mm HE M107 for Artillery
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