PVS-7 Night Vision Goggles by N-Vision Optics

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The PVS-7 is arguably the most widely distributed night vision goggle in the world. In service with a vast array of military and government agency end users, the PVS-7 is battle proven over decades of service and is equipped with the most advanced U.S. made Generation 3 image intensifier tubes. The PVS-7 may be hand-held or head/helmet mounted.


The PVS-7 is a single tube, bi-ocular design featuring Automatic Brightness Control (ABC), in-ocular IR and low battery indicators, and automatic bright light shut off.




Range Focus

25 cm to infinity

Diopter Focus

-6 to +2

Field of View


Operating Temperature

-51˚ C to +49˚C

Storage Temperature

-51˚ C to +85˚C


680 g/ 24 oz


6L x 6W x 3H (inches)
15L x 15W x 8H (centimeters)


2 AA



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