RF-325N nanoSAVR™ Situational Awareness Video Receiver by Harris Corporation

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Harris Corporation
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With its small, lightweight design, low power needs and ease of use, the Harris RF-325N is the most versatile ISR video receiver available today. The nanoSAVR integrates Harris’ field-proven Embedded Modular Radio (EMR) technology and advanced video processing capabilities to deliver real-time sharing of wideband UAV video feeds throughout the echelon. It's small enough to embed into many systems and form factors—including tactical radios and edge devices—yet powerful enough to support a full suite of fielded ISR waveforms.


Ultraminature Wideband ISR Situational Awareness Video Receiver (SAVR)


Featuring user-friendly USB IP and web-based interfaces, the RF-325N has multiple configurations to quickly connect with a variety of applications and devices. The nanoSAVR is compatible with many small UAV platforms using the SUAS DDL and ROVER waveforms. And, with wideband data feeds that include pinpointed threat locations, it provides superior situational awareness throughout the battlespace.


Key Benefits


Software-defined platform based on Falcon® technology supports legacy and future ISR data links

Compatible with COTS and DoD applications

Embedded transcoding reduces video latency

Onboard commercial GPS receiver

Small size, low power needs, easy to use

Defense Products & Services: RF-325N nanoSAVR™ Situational Awareness Video Receiver by Harris Corporation
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Description: RF-325N nanoSAVR™ Situational Awareness Video Receiver
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