RF-7800I Tactical Networking Intercom System by Harris Corporation

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Harris Corporation
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The Harris RF-7800I Tactical Networking Intercom System is the smallest, lightest, most power-efficient intercom system available today. This Victory/VGA compliant solution is customizable for a variety of dismount, TOC, maritime and vehicular missions.


Seamless Integration of Battle Management Systems and ISR Applications


This ruggedized intercom system delivers clear voice and data between crew members within the limited confines of military vehicles. The RF-7800I is interoperable with the Harris Falcon® family of tactical radios, as well as other military, government and commercial devices. The system’s modular design makes it easy to configure and install to meet the unique needs of any mission. 


Key Benefits


More efficient, simultaneous data and voice through a single connection for up to 10 radios

Eliminates background noise to deliver clear voice communications

Remote control of Harris radios up to 2 km

WAVE broadband Push-To-Talk app for shared voice, text, video and graphics on radios, smartphones, tablets and laptops

Ruggedized for harsh environments; night vision black-out mode compatible

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