Rocket launcher RBR 64mm M80 - ZOLJA by 11Oktomvri – Eurokompozit

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Rocket launcher RFR 64mm M80 - ZOLJA is recoilless disposable infantry weapons provided, intended for the destruction of movable and immovable armored vehicles at distances up to 250m and destruction of fixed targets at distances up to 400m. It is produced as a telescopic type, for easier transport.


The launcher consists of front and rear tube (which is completely sucked in the front tube) made of reinforced plastic, firing mechanism, front and rear sight, belt pouch, front and rear cover that serve to protect against external influences and dust during transportation. Thanks to the telescopic construction, dimensions are considerably smaller in marching position than in a combat situation. Transition from marching in a combat situation is very simple and takes a few seconds.



The 64mm anti-tank rocket is located in the rear of the launcher. The rocket consists of an explosive warhead, stabilizer wings and a rocket engine.



The M80's warhead has the potential to penetrate homogeneous steel plate with thickness of 300mm at an angle of 90 degrees. The warhead can be fitted with contact or piezoelectric detonator.



The rocket has built-in mechanism for self-destruction, which enables the self-destruction, if the target is not hit for a period of 4 to 6 seconds flight. Rocket fuel burns while the rocket is in the tube, providing that at the exit the rocket has a speed of 190m/s. This speed ensures that the rocket will hit the target with a height 2.5m at a distance of 250 meters.


64 mm

Unit mass

3.00 kg

Launcher mass

1.58 kg

Rocket mass

1.42 kg

Length in traveling position

860 mm

Length in combat position

1200 mm


300 mm

Range, max

1280 m

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