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Rockets 90mm M79 OSA intended for close combat against. It’s infantry recoilless rocket means the need for multiple, which can be effectively used against armored vehicles at distances up to 350m against stationary targets such as the living force and fire resources in bunkers and set objects at distances up to 600m.



According to the construction and principles of RBR axis is similar to the French LRAC F1 pitcher. M79 system consists of a handheld rocket launchers, missiles in containers and spare tools and accessories. Bazooka rocket launcher consists of a tube made of fiberglass, the mechanism for singeing, optical sight with 4x magnification, mechanical sights, shoulder brace, handles and lids launch tube.



Container with a missile before launch sets on the last part of the manual launchers (as an extension of launching tubes). The rocket has a cumulative warhead that penetrates 400mm of RHA. Impact-current piezoelectric igniter is activated at a minimum angle of 20 degrees. Missile rocket motor provides initial speed of 250m/s The maximum range of the missile is 1960m, and an effective range of 600m is the maximum rate of fire 5 rockets per minute.



Bazooka M79 rocket mass axis was used in all armed conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. Cumulative warhead missiles 90mm can not penetrate frontal armor of modern tanks, but RBR M79 due to its simplicity, reliability, accuracy and relatively small mass still represents very effective means of destroying fortified objects and easier armored vehicles.Development and introduction of the current armament 90mm projectiles would obtain a universal, reliable and inexpensive tool to support the infantry.


90 mm

Unit mass

11,2 kg

Launcher mass

6.2 kg

Container mass

1.5 kg

Rocket mass

3.5 kg

Length in combat position

1910 mm

Container length

735 mm

Rocket length

672 mm

Muzzle velocity

250 m/s

Range, max

1960 m


400 mm

Firing speed

5 rockets/min

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