ROSS Remote Observation Support System by Instro Precision

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Instro Precision Ltd
Hornet close, Pysons Road Industrial Estate
Broadstairs Kent CT10 2YD

- Border Protection

- Long term observation

- Dismounted Reconnaissance

- Perimeter Surveillance

- Base Protection


Instro's Remote Observation Support System provides sensor OEM's a complete off the shelf solution for users needing a highly portable, rapidly deployable remote surveillance capability for border control and base protection.


Designed for long duration observation and target location missions, the console ergonomics and intuitive user interface with soft keys arranged in convenient groups help ensure operators remain productive in the most demanding of environments.


The ROSS2 system supports a range of sensors from leading EO vendors and is readily customised for different end-user languages.


For most situations, remote operation via the supplied 25m system cable is the preferred option and simplest to deploy with a single back-pack containing all system components.


When greater stand-off is needed for reconnaissance missions, the optional wireless kit provides users with full remote control of all the sensor's MMI and line of sight while watching and recording video from the convenience of a safe location, a kilometre or more away.


Key Specifications




8.4" Colour XGA format TFT display

Mini Joystick

Preset Positions and Scans

DMC compatible motorised Pan + Tilt

Up to 6Hrs digital video record time

Emergency Erase

USB2 port for upload and replay

Battery / mains / Vehicle Powered


Remote Station


Wireless connectivity (control and video)

+/- 180 Degree Pan range

+/- 45 degree Tilt range

Battery / mains / Vehicle Powered




Power Autonomy >24Hrs

IP67 Environmental Protection

Convenient back pack configurations

24Hrs Power Autonomy for typical usage

Hot swappable batteries




Transit Cases

Solar Shield

Windows Viewer Software




MMI localised to different languages

Radio channel frequencies

User Training Classes

Sensor Compatible Batteries




Fully Motorised Remote Control

Support for leading Thermal Imagers

Intuitive Easy to use Console

2 Backpack configurations

25m Wired / 1.0Km Wireless Operation

Built-in solid state DVR

Milliradian pointing accuracy

Battery / Mains / Vehicle Powered

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