SA VZ. 58 Submachine gun

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Czech Republic

Česká zbrojovka a.s.
Svatopluka Čecha 1283
Uherský Brod

The SA vz. 58 is an exceptionally light and highly reliable automatic weapon of individual chambered in 7.62x39 mm, suitable for all branches of armed forces.
This is an assault rifle having attractive user characteristics:

  •  the weapon can be fired in single shots, bursts or fully automatic fire
  •  automatic function operates on a proven principle that taps expanding combustion gases from the barrel to piston
  •  the original bolt mechanism carrying tilting breechblock with symmetrical locking lugs excels in simplicity and locking rigidity and at  the same time works favourably for high accuracy
  •  the firing mechanism is made of linear travel striker and floated firing pin mounted in the breech block
  •  the breech block carrier is not linked to the piston, so the magazine can be promptly loaded through the action using stripper clips when the bolt is locked to the rear
  •  the front sight base serves as a mounting platform as a mounting platform bayonet or folding bipod, weapon´s barrel muzzle is threaded for a blank firing attachment or flash hider
  •  the barrel bore is hard chrome-lined
  •  vz. 58 assault rifle weights without the magazine and bayonet only 2.91 kg/6.4 lb., which outperforms all competitive products of this calibre
  • magazines are made of lightweight aluminium, making them as well as the whole weapon extremely resistant to corrosion and weathering 



The vz. 58 was produced by Česká zbrojovka a.s. in three variants:

  •  vz. 58 P (infantry version with a fixed stock)
  •  vz. 58 V (airborne with a side-folding metal shoulder stock)
  •  vz. 58 Pi (with a fixed stock and mounting interface for infrared scope)

These extremely reliable weapons are used in armies and security forces of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and several other countries.

in service and production

Caliber (rate of twist)

7.62 x 39 (9,4")

Magazine Capacity




Overall length

845 mm

Barrel length

390 mm


255 mm


57 mm


2,91 kg

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