SB10-MD Non Linear Junction (NLJ) and Metal Detector by Audiotel International

The new SB10-MD is our latest high performance, lightweight, Non Linear Junction (NLJ) and Metal Detector.


For use by specialist search teams employed in IED detection, the SB10-MD is lightweight and highly adaptable to a range of operational scenarios. An extendable monopod and an ultra-bright led display on the search head provide the operator with the information they need, right where they need it.



Detection of electronic, RC and low metal content IEDs

Search of railway tracks, pathways, floors, walls, ceilings and other areas of concealment including furniture, soft furnishings, curtains and clothing

Detect hidden electronic devices in buildings, offices, homes, cars and many other environments

Check meeting rooms for illicit transmitters or recorders

Suited for EOD and Counter Terror applications

Search for contraband items in prisons and correctional facilities


Key features:

Detects electronic devices when active, dormant or switched off

Controllable output power to meet a range of target threats

Integrated metal detector available

Easy to use for quick deployment

Audio and/or visual warning of threats

Extendable search head reaches up to 1 metre

Compact and ergonomically designed unit

Long battery life with optional extra battery

Proven output frequency for maximising detection of modern threats


Technical specifications:


NLJD Transmitter

Frequency range: 867MMHz to 872MHz

Channels: 20

Frequency resolution: 250 kHz

Power: 10W(+40dBm)

Modulation: Pulsed

Antenna: Circularly polarised patch, 4dBi


NLJD Receiver

Frequency range:     1734MHz to 1744MHz, 2nd harmonic

                                   2601MHz to 2616MHz, 3rd harmonic

Sensitivity: -130dBm (both harmonics)

Antenna: Circularly polarised patches, 3dBi


Metal Detector

Frequency: 10kHz

Type: CW, Induction Balance

Target detection: All metal including Aluminium foil


Unit MMI

Display: 2.4″ Colour LCD, bar graphs

Audio: Integral loudspeaker, headphone output, Geiger click



Power Battery: Removable Li-Ion battery pack up to 5 hours usage



Unit size: 20 x 23cm

Search head size: 28 x 16cm

Overall weight: Approx 3.5kg

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Description: SB10-MD Non Linear Junction (NLJ) and Metal Detector
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