SB4100 Rack Mount Server by Systel Inc

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Systel Inc
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The SB4100 4U Rack Mount Extreme Industrial Storage Box is a specialized server for data intensive applications. Supporting up to 26 rotating or SSD SATA III removable, shock-mounted hard drives, the SB4100 provides the highest performance of its kind and incorporates Systel extreme rugged design. The 24” deep chassis with positive pressure cooling allows a 0-50°C temperature ranging at 100% load. The SB4100 is configured with the latest Intel Xeon processors and is an extreme duty system designed for data-intensive military operations, oilfield services, and a multitude of other rugged industrial applications. It features Systel designed backplanes with management controller and activity, locate, and fault LEDS on each carrier




4U Rugged High Density Storage Server – 24” Depth

(26) x 2.5” Removable Shock Mounted SSD/HDD

Each Hard Drive Carrier has 3 Front Panel Indicators: Activity, Locate, and Fail

Latest Intel E5-2600 CPU





Rack Mount Slide Assemblies

Riser Card PCI, PCIe, PCI-X Configuration

Rear Cable Management System

Custom Color and Logo

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