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Permali Gloucester develops, designs, tests, manufactures and supplies internal spall liner panels for metal-hulled platforms to reduce the effect of an over match on vehicle occupants.


Spall liners are primarily used to reduce behind armour effects when a vehicle is hit by overmatched threats, caused by the 'spalling' of the metal hull and providing secondary fragmentation injuries to internal occupants. The addition of spall liners reduces internal damage by reducing the cone angle and amount of debris entering the vehicle (up to 95%), thus minimising casualties.


Permali spall liners (roof, floor and walls) can be supplied in a range of E and S2 glass, phenolic or rubberised aramid, or UHMWPE materials, and to a range of thicknesses. They can also include acoustic and thermal insulation materials, either bonded onto the panels or integrated using a sandwich structure.


Spall liners can be painted or coated using Permali's trademarked Tufshield polyurethane coating to provide greater environmental protection and wear resistance. Inserts can be fitted to the panels for through mounting to the hull, or the spall liner can be directly bonded to the platform using two part epoxy adhesive or velcro methods of attachment.


Permali spall liners can be supplied as flat panels, machined to customer shape requirements, or as moulded panel shapes to suit a particular vehicle internal geometry.



Through a number of competitive tenders, Permali have been selected as the preferred supply partner for the design and manufacture of a wide range of spall liner solutions for military armoured vehicles, from AFVs such as Viking, Warthog, Challenger 2, Bulldog, Trojan, Titan and Warrior platforms, through to medium and light protected vehicles such as VBCI and Aravis. Our spall liner solutions offer multi-functional capability, with the integration of EMC linings as well as thermal and acoustic insulation material; the UK MOD Foxhound vehicle has Permali roof insulation fitted to all variants delivered to date. All solutions are developed alongside the vehicle manufacturer, and end customer, to ensure 'right first time' integration by conducting extensive design, templating and validation activities, and conform to strict UK, EU and NATO standards for environmental, ballistic and safety requirements.

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