SVXi x-ray system by 3DX-RAY

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SVXi is a rapid deployment mobile Х-ray system suitable for scanning vehicles up to the size of a small van.


Designed for maximum flexibility, the SVXi x-ray system is offered in both static and mobile configuration, to provide cost effective solution for security screening of vehicles at a variety of locations. Thorough physical searching of a vehicle can take many hours. The SVXi system allows security personnel a detailed view of the inside of the whole vehicle in a single scan. The operator is able to control the unit and view the images from a remote laptop imaging station. Sophisticated easy to use software allows the operator to zoom, pan and process the image rapidly and make an accurate assessment of any potential risk.



Designed for maximum flexibility the SVXi can be mounted on a range of transportation for mobile deployment. Once at its destination it can be set up and operational in 15 minutes. SVXi can be deployed at key locations across an entire region to combat smuggling. SVXi is also suitable for event and venue security, enabling security personnel to see what is being taken on and off site without the need for intrusive hand searches. Designed to meet the needs of security and customs personnel, SVXi produces high resolution images of a vehicle in a single pass.



Key features

• Sub-millimetre resolution images

• Typical set-up time 15 minutes

• Intuitive operation

• Powerful image processing

• Mobile system for flexible deployment



Typical deployment

• Security checkpoints

• Border Control

• Customs

• Events

• High security premises

• Forensic inspection

Standard Configurations

Mobile Motorised trailer-mounted x-ray imaging unit with laptop

imaging station. Can be towed by a suitable vehicle.

Fixed Fixed x-ray imaging unit with wired or wireless remote imaging and control station.



X-Ray Generator

Anode voltage up to 225kV



X-Ray Detector Panel

Image resolution up to 1.0mm

Dynamic range 4096 grey levels

Image acquisition / scan speed 45 to 120 seconds

Gantry area (W x H x L) 2.5m x 2.7m x 5m




Wired link 30m




Mains power 230Vac @ 50Hz

Onboard generator (option) Petrol




Operating temperature 0oC to +40OC

Low temperature pack (option) -40oC to +40OC (LT)

High temperature pack (option) 0oC to +55OC (HT)

Relative humidity 0% to 95% non-condensing




Typical throughput 45 vehicles per hour (typical 5m long vehicle)

Set-up time Typically 15 minutes

Scan time Typically under one (1) minute

Report and control Wired or wireless with remote imaging and control station




Imaging Station

Type Laptop computer (ruggedised / tablet options available)

PC specification to be confirmed and agreed at order stage

Processor Intel Core i5-24 10M 2.3GHz

Display 17.3” High Definition (1600x900) LED display with AntiGlare

Hard drive 500GB

Operating system English MS Windows

Power Mains and battery




Materials discrimination Dual energy (option)

Image processing Pan, zoom, DeepFocus™, image filters, variable contrast

Image archiving Automatic image archiving and image review




Radiological safety cordon subject to site survey

Audible and visible warning sign

Physical safety interlocks

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