TMT Series Truck Mounted Tower System by Will-Burt Company

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The TMT Series offers the ultimate flexibility in rapid deployment alternatives for the extreme duty ITS telescopic tower system.


The TMT Series designates a 19,500-33,000lb capacity GVWR truck and integrated tower system designed to transport and support at site a truck bed payload of up to 6,000 lbs of ITS and/or customer-supplied equipment. A custom ITS truckbed with outrigger stabilization and optional auto-leveling, transports and supports a heavy-duty ITS tower to standard elevations from 42' to 110' above ground level (AGL).


This multi-section lattice steel telescopic structure is designed to transport horizontally over the truck’s cab and automatically tilt by means of a heavy-duty, chrome plated hydraulic cylinder. The tower system is raised to its full extension utilizing a direct drive, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), wash-down rated electric motor and gearbox assembly. This TMT Series Truck-mounted Tower System is capable of being deployed, elevated to its full-extended height, and secured by a mechanical tower lock mechanism by one person in under 30 minutes.


Model Customization ~ Heavy-duty Truckbed and Tower Design


Allows this rapid response vehicle the benefit of full customization to meet a multitude of common and proprietary needs.


- 2×4 or 4×4 truck integration with a variety of chassis length and payload alternatives.

- Heavy-duty outrigger stabilization with optional auto-leveling capability.

- Flexible storage containment, climate controlled equipment enclosure and power generation alternatives.

- Seamless integration of the industry’s most recognized, reliable and capable telescopic tower system.


TMT System Series Specifications


Truck GVWR Capacity

19,500 – 33,000 lbs.

Standard Tower Height

from 42′ to 130′ AGL

Standard Tower Payload

Up to 650 lbs. / 295 kg

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