TYR4™ C4ISR Application for Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) by Harris Corporation

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TYR4 is an advanced shipboard C4ISR application used to conduct a broad spectrum of Navy and Coast Guard missions.


C4ISR application for offshore patrol vessels (OPV)


TYR4 supports a variety of missions including general surveillance, exclusive economic zone (EEZ) enforcement, escort, environmental protection, and search and rescue. Using leading edge commercial technology, TYR4 presents ship’s sensor detections in an advanced Geographical Information System (GIS) to form a 2D/3D real-time recognized maritime picture (RMP) that keeps the watch team informed at all times.


Integrated with data link server


Through full integration with the Harris Network Enabled Tactical Link System (NETLS) data link server, TYR4 expands the tactical edge by allowing the exchange of surveillance data over air, sea, and land defense communications networks.


Web and hyper-converged virtualization technology is combined in TYR4 to provide the scalability needed to meet C4ISR missions ranging from offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) to fully equipped Corvettes.


TYR4 gives operators initiative tools to perform complex missions


Using field-proven software, TYR4 gives operators initiative tools to perform complex missions hosted within a flexible and secure hardware architecture. These tools include the ability to:


Manage local sensor and data link tracks using auto-correlation, track search, and track purge features


Vector ship’s rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB), helicopter, and coordinating units in by using a proven set of graphical decision aids including:


-Variable range markers

- Rulers

- Farthest-on circle

- Closest point of approach/intercept

- Route planning with waypoints

- Control ship’s helicopter using surveillance radar video channels, plots, and track


Helicopter safety-of-flight plans and procedures are available in a browser with the touch of a button


- Wind speeds (true and relative) are presented with other key weather data (barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, cloud height) that affect sortie decisions

- Conduct search and rescue using internationally approved visual search patterns


Secure data flow between security zones that operate at different classification levels using certified security filters, data diodes, firewalls and CC EAL 4+ operating system, etc.


Reduce cost and complexity by hosting other ship’s mission applications on the TYR4 shipboard private cloud




Sensor integration through original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specs or EuroControl Asterix Radar and identification, friend and foe (IFF) messages

Complete STANAG 5516 track categorization and identification

Display of electro-optical (EO) and surveillance camera video with 24/7 recording

Large screen/digital chart table display of TYR4 recognized maritime picture

Common criteria EAL 4+ security configurations

AIS track display and vessel data

Archive and replay of track database Replay at 1X, 5X, 10X speed

Integration to navigation systems using redundant broadband networking

Optimized STANAG 4420 and Mil-Std-2525 symbols

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Description: TYR4™ C4ISR Application for Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV)
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